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Hi! We are Skaj and Jana, co-founders of online plant store Skayana Tropicals. I've clearly heard the call of nature ever since I was a child. But in the last year, my passion for plants has become, according to some observers, borderline unhealthy. Even to the point where my tropical forest has displaced some of the indigenous living room inhabitants. My apartment already poases at the seams but I still believe having fewer plants is never the solution.  

The way forward was crystal clear. I strapped a bag of fertilizer and a few watering cans on my back like a proper rare plant huntress, ready for an adventure. I was sure my fearlessness would be enough to tame all the most beautiful aroids and hoyas the world has to offer. But the world of plants quickly teaches you important lessons. To find the most beautiful and rarest flower, you must dedicate your whole life to the search. 

I would like to introduce you to a world of beautiful, interesting and rare plants from tropical areas. Plants purchased from Skayana Tropicals are healthy and acclimatized, which in addition to the unique offer is our additional competitive advantage. After importing from third world countries, they are carefully rehabilitated and ready for your home. I take care of all the risks and stress that import brings so that you can devote yourself to care and love for your plants.

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